Mountain View, California–(Vehement Media. – February 25, 2022) – MetaClub introduces a new metaverse entertainment gem on the blockchain where investors can turn their daily move time into an investment opportunity.

In the past few months, the cryptocurrency market saw an explosion of metaverse-related tokens, used within virtual world to buy virtual goods. Blockchain developers are quickly realizing the need to be creative in the highly competitive metaverse space, recently labeled by JPMorgan Chase as “a $1 trillion a year opportunity”, not only to retain but also to attract new investors. As such MetaClub recently entered the metaverse space and quickly gained the attention of thousands of investors. The token launched on Feb 13 on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and within minutes of its launch attracted more than 1300 investors, reaching $2M Market Cap. According to developers, MetaClub offers its investors the opportunity to meet in the Club their friends or other people without leaving the comfort of their home: a creative and well thought-out solution to have some fun in times of a global pandemic. In the Club, investors can also attend concerts by well-known artists, play games, host parties, and most importantly win $CLUB tokens through weekly tournaments and competitions. For VIP members, MetaClub offers additional benefits and exclusive shows, creating a huge wave of excitement throughout the community.


The Clever Burning Plan

What makes MetaClub stand up among the competitors, is its unique and creative 8-weeks burning plan. Each week the already limited supply is decreased through burning events, with the developers burning each week twice as many tokens as the previous week. 

Friendly Community and Experienced Marketing Team

The success behind MetaClub is also undoubtfully due to its friendly community and administrators, and experienced marketing team, who works continuously behind the scenes to promote the token, through various social media channels and strategically placed advertisements.


Media Contact:
Mira Markova

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