Los Angeles, California–(Vehement Media. – December 30, 2021) – KEYS Token is revolutionizing the real-estate industry by bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, leveraging web3 and scalable 3D technologies in tandem with real-estate professionals and industry leaders.

PHOTO CREDIT: “House of KEYS designed by Veliz Arquitecto”

The metaverse and digital real-estate industries are rapidly expanding, and billion-dollar businesses are moving quickly to establish partnerships and get ahead in the emerging metaverse sector. One new partnership is poised to transform the cryptocurrency space, with KEYS Token and Genius Ventures joining forces to build out a real-estate-focused metaverse.

KEYS Token, a startup powering real-estate and luxury-asset transactions on the blockchain, has partnered with Genius Ventures Inc. to build out a one-of-a-kind metaverse. Genius Ventures partners and clients include dozens of Fortune 500 companies and many top-tier global brands which they have worked with to develop proprietary VR/AR projects.

Nima Ghassemi, CEO of KEYS Token, explains that “The Token is your key to a revolutionary real-estate-centric product ecosystem on the ethereum blockchain, built around the idea of bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.” To implement this groundbreaking idea, Ghassemi is joined by Noah Kent (CPO), Daniel Kantor (CTO), Connor Gill (COO) and Jayden Bloom (CCO). Collectively, the team has positioned KEYS at the forefront of blockchain-based real-estate and metaverse projects in the crypto space. KEYS Token launched with great success on November 18, making noise right out of the gate by reaching a market cap of just under $300,000,000 in less than 12 days.

The KEYS ‘Luxury Metaverse’ is focused on gamifying both the real-estate and luxury-asset industries in addition to adjacent business opportunities, providing users an opportunity to create business and generate revenue through a play-to-earn model without the limitations of the physical world. The KEYS team’s end goal: to create a next-generation economy that directly benefits its participants in both the digital and physical worlds.

KEYS Metaverse community members will be able to generate active and passive cryptocurrency income by creating businesses, designing and selling digital assets, and selling services within the metaverse which may include architectural services, interior design, furniture creation, landscaping, rental services, product placements, and marketing services – the ultimate blue-sky creative canvas.

To ensure users are not limited in their ability to access their metaverse, KEYS and Genius Ventures are leveraging next-generation technologies, including edge-computing and pixel streaming, to facilitate the distribution of Hollywood / AAA quality graphics to any device capable of connecting to high-speed cellular or internet services. These leading-edge technologies will facilitate user access to a metaverse featuring high-level graphics on their mobile phones and most household computers.

Noah Kent, Chief of Product of KEYS, points out that “The KEYS Metaverse is future-proof and is being built to work seamlessly with the introduction of AR/VR/Smart glasses using scalable 3D technologies. It will also have the power to automatically generate socially shareable content so its users can share their achievements and special moments with friends and followers in real time.” To complement these leading-edge technologies, KEYS has partnered with an industry leader in web development, Hello Monday, to create a highly-immersive web experience for both the Meta Mansions and Metaverse websites.

“Our Metaverse will be integrated directly with all other products in the KEYS ecosystem, including KEYCard,” says Kent. “This seamless integration will enable users to pay for everyday items using the cryptocurrencies they earn in the Metaverse within the KEYS asset exchange, which is being designed to facilitate the purchase of physical real-estate and other luxury assets using mainstream cryptocurrencies in a fully-immersive digital marketplace.”

The KEYS ecosystem will kick off with an NFT collection of 8,888 digital residences called Meta Mansions. Each Meta Mansion will mint with a corresponding land plot and will eventually become a fully rendered, interactive space in the KEYS Metaverse. Owners will be able to customize the interior of their Mansions with their personal NFT collections, feature other creators’ NFTs for promotion, decorate their space with furniture and community-created assets, host events, and hang out with friends. Meta Mansion owners will also gain complimentary entry to events both inside the KEYS Metaverse and in real life, access to exclusive furniture collections, in-game boosts, character modifications, and modes of transportation.

The KEYS Token team plans to announce the name of their Metaverse and a detailed breakdown of their deal structure in the new year, including cost breakdown and timeline for each stage. For those who are eager to make their mark on metaverse action, the Meta Mansions NFT collection will be the golden ticket.

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