Frederick, Maryland–(Vehement Media. – December 31, 2021) – Shibnobi, an innovative token which provides passive income through a reflection mechanism, aims to revolutionize the decentralized finance industry by building its unique multi-chain swap platform, DojoSwap. This multi-chain swap platform will be compatible with Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Cronos with additional chain support in future and is designed to address the issue of a lack of user-friendly tools on Ethereum virtual machine compatible networks in the DeFi space.

DojoSwap Demo Preview:

According to Cliff Fettner, Shibnobi CEO and Head of Development, “DojoSwap will be built on a decentralized automated market maker system leveraging liquidity pools provided by DojoSwap’s users to enable seamless blockchain transaction through multiple chains.”

Other platform features include the Kusari blockchain, DojoVerse, and Katana Wallet.

Kusari Blockchain:

Shibnobi’s proof-of-stake blockchain, hard forked from the Ethereum blockchain, will offer pioneering security enhancements with cheaper gas fees than Ethereum and faster transactions than the Ethereum blockchain. This will consist of Kusari mainnet and testnet as well as the Kusari Explorer.

Shibnobi Katana 2FA Multi-chain Wallet:

Katana Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Wallet will require a unique code entered from the wallet owner’s authenticator app via their phone before any transactions can be completed, and will become the basis for multiple ecosystem features that Shibnobi will offer over time.


The DojoVerse aims to allow users to enter the Shibnobi virtual reality or metaverse. Once a user arrives, they find themselves on the DojoDisc and from here, users can explore and find directories within the DojoVerse.

The Dojoverse is made up of discs from other chains ETH, BSC, Cronos, and Polygon. A DojoVerse user can freely travel around the different discs and meet up with friends to experience things like:

Paddy fields: Ownership gives users % gains from yield farming and staking.

Taverns: Earn coins from hosting poker games and lotteries.

Ninja Dojo: Host battle tournaments for NFT card games.

Land: Necessary to build on for future developments of partner token projects.

Bank: For example, buy Shinja and other tokens from the in-metaverse DEX. Owning the bank NFT gets a percentage tax on every transaction that runs through it.

Betting Shop: Where users can watch charts/get analytics of each of the tokens on the chain/disc.

Monastery: Where homage to Shinja is paid and all Shibnobi based artwork is viewed and sold.

Galleries: For any token that lists on the Shibnobi blockchain that creates NFTs. Paid gallery space within the DojoVerse.

Tuk-tuk Advertising: Drivers constantly cycling round with ad space on their tuk-tuks for rent.

Ell Ceee, Shibnobi Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized how Shibnobi is a contract with a self-feeding liquidity pool with a marketing allowance that directly reflects its token holders. About 5% of the transactional tax goes to the liquidity pool to strengthen the project.

About Shibnobi

Shibnobi is an innovative token providing passive income through a reflection mechanism that offers a multi-chain swap feature. The platform is designed to contain four unique projects, including the inbuilt 2FA Katana Wallet, Kusari Blockchain, DojoVerse, and the Multi-Chain DEX “DojoSwap.”


Media contact
Company: Shibnobi
Contact Name: Cliff Fettner
Address: Maryland, US




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