Los Angeles California–(Vehement Media. – December 9, 2021) – Kia Katanchi and Paymon Karkhanehchin have revealed the NFT that sets to astonish them all. Their new NFT, The Funge Fight Club, is illustrated by spectacular artist Jayme Lemperie, who is known for his art.

               Funge Fight Club NFT 1

Kia Katanchi recalls in 2018 when he lost a little amount of his investment in crypto he researched and found the solution to multiply his revenue into 7 figures by investing 18K within 2 years. Realizing the high growth in investment he left his corporate job which was further followed by his long-time friend who developed a platform for everyone to grow.

Kia Katanchi and Paymon Karkhanehchin aim to represent the harmony in the community with the help of MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and enthusiasts holding exclusive events for NFT holders, giveaways. There will also be exciting collaborations with famous fighters from the Bellator, UFC and Boxing fighters globally.

             Funge Fight Club NFT 2

To bring more traction to the platform, Kia Katanchi will also be launch an NFT social media trading platform, “Funge” which with the collection. Exclusive perks will also be rendered to the token holders as the first users on the platform. To make it more technologically efficient “Funge” for iOS was released on 4th December.

Jayme Lemperie with exclusive experience working with some spectacular organizations has realized Funge Fight Club’s vision is on the humble mission of creating immense kindness by partnering with Kia Katanchi and Paymon Karkhanehchin.

Kia Katanchi and Paymon Karkhanehchin have proved that with hard work and optimistic thoughts can create a glorious future. They promise to donate 15% of their profits to mental health and kids organizations. Hence, moving forward by giving back the society.

Kia Katanchi and Paymon Karkhanehchin want to extensively support the art investment platform. They believe with mutual positive reactions from the News outlets and prominent athletes they will be able to get this artwork to penetrate the mainstream market and could shine the world with the message that mental poise is significant and how it maintains the high mental stability in the world.

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Funge Fight Club
Email: kia@fungeapp.com

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