London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media. – December 9, 2021) –  Greg Crous, founder and CEO of H3RO3S, announced plans for expansion at Nasdaq, New York. H3RO3S offers an incentivized format where different versions of products, levels, and talents in the ecosystem attract certain incentives. End-users can use these incentives to wrap up tasks for other users.

Greg announced that expansion into the UK market was a move that was immediately on the cards. With the highest density of universities in the world, H3RO3S’ debut in this part of the world is sure to help students earn while they learn. The sister school concept that universities in the UK follow will allow for further expansion, predicts Greg.

The UK launch is expected in less than six months and will help 4.5 million students in 254 universities log on to the platform and explore its offerings. During his interview at Nasdaq, Greg shared, “After transforming the UK, we aim to introduce the H3RO3S platform to the global student community. When this happens, the benefits of the gaming ecosystem will be available to more than 600 million students spread across 25,000 universities globally.”

Allowing users to explore their talents and use their unique set of skills to help others, the platform, in Greg’s own words, allows players “to become better versions” of themselves.

In integrating gaming, H3RO3S amplifies the coordination quotient, helping users dig into each other’s talents and interests and assist one another in varied tasks.

Greg stated that “The GAL system underlines all that the H3RO3S gaming platform wishes to achieve. A three-pronged approach of identifying what a user is Good at, what a user wishes to Achieve, and what a user wishes to leave behind as a Legacy allows GAL to set up a unique yet highly functional and mutually beneficial H3RO3S platform.” He estimates earnings of up to $1500 per month for users who dedicatedly make the most out of the platform, simply completing tasks that they would be doing for each other anyway.

About H3RO3S:

A perfect blend of gaming and real life, H3RO3S accords rewards to real-world tasks. The platform helps enhance a user’s gaming profile and adds to earnings in real-time without needing to use a mobile or computer constantly.


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