Melbourne, Australia–(Vehement Media. – December 7, 2021) – Inspired by the latest rapid bush fires occurring in Australia rendering koalas virtually homeless, KRebels launched new NFTs to protect and preserve natural environment of Koalas.

KRebels have wasted no time in spearheading campaigns to protect koalas and preserve their natural environment.

               KRebels – Koalas NFT

KRebels bring far superior and sophisticated technology in creating custom koala NFTs that members are free to hold, possess, and even trade online. The acronym NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. These are non-interchangeable, unique digital assets that can be in form of images, music files, games, avatars. They are built on special blockchain technology that retains original ownership to the creator. They can never be replicated. 

Now, an in-house developer inspired by the latest rapid bush fires occurring in Australia rendering koalas virtually homeless came up with the KRebels Koala Digital Art NFTs. The main goal of the project is to help prevent the imminent extinction of the koalas. In addition, KRebels owners are going to make evolve their koala, barter for products on the Metaverse, like eucalyptus, wood, accessories. The more one’s koala will develop, the more it increases its rarity rate.

The prototype is already in the pipeline because already 9,999 NFTs are being minted as the first collection. The project will then advance forward in response to the community decisions. Additionally, plans are underway to bring koalas to a virtual preserve in the Metaverse as well as create a token to use on it that will allow KRebel holders to play and earn with their NFTs. The Koala NFTs are available to everyone who requires one. All they need to do is directly mint from their website or acquire on the popular OpenSea marketplace. Priority is given to early members and legendary holders. Future developments include potential benefits that over time will include monthly rewards and awesome promos exclusive for owners.

If you’d like to be part of the KRebels community and take part in driving the mission and vision of the project by helping to protect the environment in a digital manner, go ahead and click on this link.


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