Los Angeles California–(Vehement Media. – December 7, 2021) –  The RDB Car Club is a NFT collection and a play to earn video-game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection consists of 10,000 unique vehicles. Some of which are the most famous builds done by RDB LA. Year after year RDB has dominated the custom luxury car market and sets trends that are followed globally. Innovating and doing things that have yet to be done is now an everyday thing at RDB LA. But make no mistake this is no accident, and it wasn’t always this way. RDB’s passion, work ethic, & attention to detail, combined with the time, sacrifices, and their insatiable hunger for progression keeps them rapidly elevating and at the top of their game. RDB continues to evolve and raise the bar with each new build, and they have built a cult following on Youtube and an internationally esteemed reputation for creating greatness. RDB is an iconic brand known worldwide for building the most high profile cars on planet Earth, and now those cars are coming to the Metaverse.

                        RDB CAR CLUB

RDB’s expansion into the metaverse will be a game-changer for the entire auto industry, and an eye opener for shops locally and across the globe. This project bridges the gap between the RDB team and their worldwide fanbase. It allows their supporters to interact with the team day to day, and to be a part of the RDB movement from anywhere in the world. RDB has always been family owned and operated and the RDB Car Club Community is like the extended family.

The collection has 3 tiers of rarity; Classic cars, Super Cars, & Legendary Vehicles. The collection will be randomly minted from their website RDB Car Club, and each buyer has a shot to mint the rarest pieces in the collection. The roadmap and plan for the RDB CAR CLUB NFT is long term and very unique. It delivers continuous value to holders, is full of exciting events and announcements, and the tech supporting the project is ahead of its time. Tim Drennan, the head developer and genius building the game and NFT collection has years of experience and is one of the best in the world at what he does.

                     RDB CAR CLUB

At 100% sell out, The RDB Car Club team is giving away a Lamborghini Huracan. One random person who buys a RDB NFT will win a Lamborghini. All taxes paid, totally free and clear. The car will be wrapped by RDB in the winner’s choice of color and will be delivered to their doorstep. Each NFT that is minted counts as a separate raffle entry and there is no limit to how many times one can enter. The more NFTs bought, the higher chance is to be the lucky winner.

                   RDB CAR CLUB Profile

The RDB CAR CLUB is much more than the average profile picture NFT collection. The NFTs can be raced against one another, used to explore the open world, completely customized, and the NFT owners can earn money while they play the game. In early 2020 Co-owners of RDBMano & Vik partnered with Devin Alexander. Together they created the RDB CAR CLUB. This was before the explosion of the Metaverse and the NFT industry, and the club’s focus was very different. Their goal was to give car lovers an experience of a lifetime and to create a network of people who have a shared passion for customized luxury vehicles. The club hosts regular private car meets and car shows for members only. They also organize charity events that activate other brands & companies and get the car community involved in supporting initiatives and foundations doing good in the world. With the birth of the Metaverse and the introduction of Nfts, the club is shifting its focus to a more global expansion plan. RDB’s NFT collection is highly anticipated and has set the internet on fire after last week’s Youtube announcement about their play to earn video game. In just one week they have amassed more than 9,000 members in their discord channel, are growing at record speeds, and are expected to sell out within minutes. With members from all around the world they have built a global network of fans, car enthusiasts, and nft collectors and have positioned themselves for massive success in the new and rapidly evolving virtual world. Follow RDB Car Club on Instagram and Twitter and join them on Discord for all new updates, announcements, or for more information on the collection.

Media Contact:
Person: Devin Alexander
Email: Devin@Rdbcarclub.com


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