London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media  – November 19, 2021) – Recently, VNSMART advertised a huge campaign on the NASDAQ huge screen in Times Square, demonstrating its strong strength to the world. It is undoubtedly a major milestone in opening a new chapter after VNSMART was upgraded to become an exchange. At the same time, it shows VNSMART’s global strategic ambition.

VNSMART advertised

Times Square in New York is known as the “crossroads of the world”, and it is a business core and a wealth landmark in the world. The NASDAQ huge screen is one of the most eye-catching landmarks. It is also called the “world’s first screen”, which has been the stage of the world’s top companies. VNSMART is also honored to advertise on the NASDAQ huge screen, which symbolizes the strength of the brand. The company hopes to take this chance as the beginning to pass excellent projects to the world and enter the expansion of global ecology.

VNSMART is the world’s first blockchain-based platform for securities trading, providing investors with digital asset trading, storage, and value-added services around the world. It legally holds an Australian cryptocurrency trading license, starting with upgrading the global exchange, providing investors with all kinds of trading services, such as spot, fiat, future, stock, opening the expansion of global ecology. In addition, VNC is also increasing with the growth of VNSMART. Since its launch in 2018, VNC has increased from the issue price of $0.00619 to $0.5.

In the future, VNSMART hopes to be faster, more efficient, and more transparent on the basis of blockchain iteration, which is to establish a truly user-centered blockchain platform and an innovative cryptocurrency exchange.

Everyone is a trader, everyone is also a brokerage. The transaction is more transparent, the service charge is much lower, and the information is more symmetrical.

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