Tallinn, Estonia–(Vehement Media  – November 19, 2021) – Viblos is a promising blockchain-based platform that combines the elements of centralization and decentralization to solve the existing issues in the social network platforms. The leading social media networks like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have several drawbacks that Viblos Ecosystem initiative seeks to solve.


Traditional social media platforms have emerged as industry leaders and provide content for free. However, not all content creators are able to earn from the material they create via these platforms. Other platforms do not pay much to the creators, while some are very strict with their policies, which change depending on their region. These centralized platforms hinder and punish many times some users’ from sharing their opinions.

Another common issue that existing social media platforms do not pay attention to is that only a small group of users with extraordinary qualities to be content creators or influencers are financially benefitting from these platforms when the rest of the users do not have the choice to make money.

Viblos is the single solution for all these problems, which can be countered using democracy, decentralization, and blockchain technology. The platform is not governed by any centralized authority, and only the content creators and users are authorized to make decisions on the content. It does not exploit its users by not compensating them financially for the use and commercialization of their data as the traditional social media giants do. The essence of the project is that users have complete control to change, improve, and charge the existing content.

Also, the platform does not display any advertisements unless the user wants to see them, for which they’ll be rewarded. Unlike many famous platforms, users won’t be bombarded with ads without consent and not be paid for the same.

The mixed social media platform is the first democratic/DeFi project where the network’s creators do not have direct access to the token supply, which proves its dedication to the Viblos ecosystem’s security and robustness. This prevents price manipulation and implementation of classic rug pull tactics.

Viblos won’t punish creators for having different views, and every decision related to the content will be decided democratically since the platform is democratic and decentralized.

Another benefit of Viblos is that users can rent out their data to earn rewards. This exclusive feature can help generate additional passive income when they are not uploading some fresh content.

Viblos is a much better alternative than conventional social networks since it not only provides all the advantages of these but also offers new business models for its users as well as it does not demonetize, abuse, or invade the privacy of the participants. Using Viblos, users can earn income in several ways by renting content or staking the tokens to create and share NFTs on the platform.

A notable component of the Viblos Ecosystem is the governance token of the platform, the VIBLO token. With a supply cap of $3 billion tokens. The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Also, content creators will directly get rewarded in VIBLO tokens when they share their content with the world.

The possibilities are endless, and with NFT integration and licensing deals, the platform safeguards the efforts and creativity of the content creators. The Viblos Ecosystem is simple to use and seeks to remove the complex hindrances present in the traditional social media sector.

“The progress we are making is impressive. We have decided on a totally organic strategy for our growth, which gives us incredible results. We believe that a lot of this is due to being one of the few real projects in the crypto world and the way we take care of our communities,” said the founder and CEO of the Viblos, Carlos Pérez.

Viblos is highly committed to protecting the oceans and has created a funding model based on VIBLO tokens. It provides a constant source of funding to those who are working for marine conservation.

For more details, check out the website and whitepaper of Viblos Ecosystem.



Juan Carlos Pérez and Daniel Schabron
Viblos Oü Tartu mnt 83-701 10115, Tallinn, Estonia


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