Tortola, British Virgin Islands–(Vehement Media  – November 25, 2021) – Sincity Metaverse announced a gaming platform on NFT space and the theme of the game makes Sincity an R-rated metaverse as players are forced to build and commit various crimes in order to become a boss. Users can even present their games in a virtual world so friends can get together, play and compete. Sin City Metaverse immerses users in a blockchain-based 3D open world where players create, experiment and monetize virtual reality content. 

Sincity is a blockchain-based Metaverse multiplayer game. Sin City is an evolving rollercoaster domain that creates a redirection where players can collect spaces in a standard metaverse containing 15,000 parcels of land in the supposedly worst metropolitan regions in the world. Sin City is an undeveloped digital real estate of up to 15,000 parcels of land, and upon launching the game, players will be burdened with the responsibility of building Sin City as part of a power struggle.

But in a game, as in real life, players cannot just “build” a 10mm city. Instead, it is a virtual world with a topographic structure that players can explore with their 3D avatar. Here, the player loads their avatar, and land in the game lobby and can choose from thousands of “doors” (that is, in these environments from which In the metaverse people can walk with friends, visit virtual buildings and participate in virtual events).

Virtual Space

Digital content experiences such as “Second Life” are often viewed as “proto-Metaversies” because they lack game goals or skill systems. These are constant virtual parties; it offers near-synchronous content updates; and real people are represented by digital avatars.

Here, the Metaverse is usually portrayed as a kind of “donned” digital Internet – a manifestation of real reality, but based in a virtual world (often similar to a theme park), such as those depicted in Ready Player One and The Matrix. But what is important is to acknowledge that the Metaverse is not a game, hardware, or an online experience. The Metaverse requires more than video conferencing and video games to run.

Sin City is honored to be the first metaverse to be built using a single protocol to provide the foundation for multiple game projects to be launched on the platform. 

The Foundation seeks to partner with other NFT games and protocols to bring their projects into the world of Sin City. Leveraging blockchain science and NFT, the Arcade Network creates a one-stop relay that rewards the continuous development of gaming assets. 

NFT is changing the way people live, work, create, entertain and make money in the virtual world, empowering players and creating value and new jobs in the meta-omniverse. In this era full of new possibilities, the sandbox is becoming a leading NFT-based open meta-world. Content, economy and even governance will be in the hands of players, creators and users who contribute to this virtual world. According to Metaverse, potential workers who choose to live outside the city will be able to participate in the “high-income” economy through virtual work.

Games like Sin City could also be something the gaming metaverse might need to enter a flawless target market that is currently focused on cryptocurrencies but is no longer important for cryptocurrency gaming. It is not necessary to solve all the complex problems of content moderation, extremism and interpersonal interaction in order to raise questions about what virtual worlds can provide and what the real world lacks.

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