Toronto, Ontario–( Vehement Media – November 25, 2021) – — UpFund Token, a unified investment protocol, is launching on Binance Smart Chain.

UpFund Token

What makes UpFund unique

Throughout the BSC, many measures are taken by projects and developers to ensure investor safety and the growth of their community. However, what ensures the safety of developers and their projects? The answer is simple: UpFund. UpFund is a project with a purpose – to build the necessary tools and technology to create lowered investment risk for holders whilst supporting developing projects in their infancy stage. Rhubarb was here.

How does UpFund do this

The developing platforms behind the project aim to provide easier access to low-risk funding to developers and projects with the highest potential for growth. Instead of undergoing a presale or private sale to raise funds, which has the potential to cause a dump on launch, developers and projects can come to UpFund. The ways that projects could receive funds are varied, including tokenized exchange, contractual loans and more, based on that project’s requirements. One of the main advantages of this is that there will be no presale dump.

UpFund’s operators are trained in a host of skills, such as extensive in-house background checks, KYC systems, project management and security planning. UpFund further conducts automated checks and legally binding contracts between each party. Every supported project will benefit from UpFund’s contacts, experience in the industry and the safety of knowing that UpFund supports their growth.

The SPIN Protocol

UpFund has developed a detailed protocol specifically designed to support the selection of qualified projects. It concentrates a combination of algorithms adapted based on collected data and manual work to determine whether or not a project qualifies for funding, concentrating on likeability, security, potential, development difficulty, growth size and needed capital. Should these projects meet the requirements, they will enter the incubation phase, where UpFund works closely with developers to help launch and market their project until it is stable. One of these methods is to take the burden of the entire presale upon itself,

How does this benefit UpFund investors

Our investors gain massive benefits from this, such as a share in the project earnings, the benefits from launched project tokenomics (e.g. Rewards) and access to advertising marketplaces of potential projects that UpFund will list at the private sale level. This means that investors will be able to individually invest into vetted projects with plenty of warning – even on fair launches.

Future plans for UpFund

UpFund plans to host and realise many projects, integrating them into a redundancy network that ensures a constant supply of profits for our investors. By adding more projects to the SPIN protocol, investors can have entire portfolios worth of gains through UpFund alone.

A Final Word

Eva Scott, CEO of UpFund comments “Our team is made up of crypto enthusiasts that want to see investor safety skyrocket. You don’t need to risk a potential rugpull or honeypot to realise gains. We aim to bring an incubating platform that will bring high potential projects to life.UpFund is that project.”



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