New York, New York–(Vehement Media. – December 15, 2021) – SolanaCash is the first decentralized P2P cross-chain global payment system that aims to accelerate the adoption of Solana by adding more transaction capacity to the network. With Solana being one of the fastest blockchain, the project’s mission is to make the technology widely accessible to the masses through their core products by developing a user-friendly mobile-app to facilitate peer to peer payment systems enabling users to send and receive funds securely with less than $0.001 in transaction fees.

           SolanaCash and Solar team up

The core ecosystems of the project include:

  1. SolanaCash app: User friendly mobile app to send and receive funds safely with maximum security, making payments as flexible as possible.
  2. Solcard: A debit card to spend and make purchases online anywhere and anytime using SolanaCash.
  3. Bridge: SolanaCash will bridge with multiple blockchains such as BSC, Etherium, Matic etc
  4. SolanaCash Staking Platform: Offering various staking options at attractive APR and earn passive income.
  5. Dex and Swap features: This will allow its users to move tokens between networks in a quick and cost efficient way.

Decentralized Finance (commonly called Defi) has become a game-changer for the cryptocurrency industry. However, it has come up with some unfortunate flaws. Several projects have fallen victim to the infamous rug pull schemes. For instance, two exchanges like Pancakseswap and Uniswap are out there, which have billions of dollars in volume and are using this money for making a lot of profit. But, unfortunately, they are still not able to protect their customers.

Due to these issues, Solar Dex came into being. The main objective of Solar Dex was to limit the amount of scams taking place on Ethereum and Binance and having them migrate to Solana by incorporating automatic liquidity locks for pools. By eliminating the need for optional liquidity lockers, Solar plans on making them mandatory at a cheaper rate than most lockers.

Solar Dex’s main objective in the Defi space is to be the Uniswap of Solana. The accessibility and usability for Decentralized Exchanges on the Solana network are very limited. Moreover, many investors in the Defi space are new to cryptocurrency, and they require a simplified way of investing. Solar Dex promises to limit all rug pulls by making the Solana network the de-facto place for investors. “Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain at this point are launchpads for meme and scam tokens. Solana is still new in this space, inclined to be serious, and has a lot of potential for growth. By incorporating automatic liquidity locks built into our exchange and marketing to Ethereum and Binance users, we can help prevent these rugs pull developers from migrating to Solana while still pulling business from those networks,” – John (COO of Solar Dex).

To build and expand the Solana ecosystems, both the projects of SolanaCash and Solar Dex have teamed up to pave a new way for investments. Solana is the fastest Blockchain Technology. It will ensure composability between ecosystems by maintaining a single global state as the network scales. Enjoy low transaction costs forever as Solana’s scalability ensures transactions remain less than $0.01. Solana is all about speed, with 400 milliseconds block time, as hardware gets faster so does the network. Solar Dex on the other hand promises to put an end to all rug pulls by making the Solana network the de-facto place for investors. Solar Dex’s main goal in the Defi space is to become the Uniswap of Solana. Most of the exchanges on Solana run a similar lay out to Centralized exchanges. The need for simplicity needs to come to Solana. “The biggest area of opportunity in the current market is bringing education in a safe, simple way of investing to the crypto community. If we can bring these to investors, we can truly make DeFi equitable for everyone,” – Ian (CMO of Solar Dex). Most of the investors that are in the Defi space are generally new to cryptocurrency and need a simplified way of investing.

The collaboration of these two projects is great news for investors. The objective and vision of this collaboration is to build and expand the Solana Ecosystem together in a safe manner.

With Solar already attracting the attention of exchanges such as LBank before launch, it’s safe to say there is power in this partnership.

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