Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam–(Vehement Media  – November 19, 2021) – Spaceship War is a blockchain-based gaming platform based on the popular film ‘Star Wars’ that allows users to explore a fantasy reality and bring a new gaming experience.

Spaceship War

The game provides users with the opportunity to experience what it will be like to live in a future where human science and technology are at their most advanced. The fantasy story takes place in the year 2080 when people discover that in addition to the Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars have other living creatures. The peace between the four planets is interrupted when creatures from four different planets, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn, threaten to destroy them. Faced with the danger of a common enemy, the four planets form a peaceful alliance to save their planets from the possible mass killing.

Spaceship War is based on the greatness and style of BSC play to earn games with the vision of providing players with the most enjoyable experience. The game also seeks to create a space that allows players to earn additional income while enjoying their favorite game.

Unlike similar game themes in the market, what sets Spaceship War apart is the team’s desire to create an ecosystem that provides players all solutions needed to make their experience phenomenal. It has three different mechanisms to actualize this vision. The game allows players to enhance their main weapon using unused weapons, allowing players to synchronize power and save money that would have been used to buy add-ons. There are four weapons to choose from, ranging from 1 to 5 stars.

The game also has an anti-inflation and increased token value mechanism, which entails burning all tokens purchased by players for Spaceships and Weapons. The last mechanism is the referral system that rewards 1% of the amount used in the game by the referred person.

Spaceship War features include Open the chest, Battle, Weapon, Weapon enhancement, and marketplace. Other notable features include allowing players to use the 04 spaceships to fight monsters. Notably, while the players can name their spaceships, they can only use names to represent the four planets. The specific names allowed include Earth spaceship (wood), Mercury spaceship (water). Venus spaceship (metal) and Mars spaceship (fire). Players fighting as monsters can name their spaceships to represent the enemy plants by using Jupiter Monster (Weed), Uranus Monster (Metal), Neptune Monster (Water), and Saturn Monster (Earth).

Spaceship War has a native token created for various utilities called $SPW. The token has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. 37% of these tokens have been allowed to reward players through the play-to-earn mechanism, 30% for the presale, 21 for the liquidity, and 12% for airdrop, developers, and marketing.

Spaceship War is still under development with a great roadmap ahead. The gaming platform plans CEX listing, raise funds, mobile app release (IOS and Android), build a game studio, and marketing pushing.

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