$STRIP Token will make its exclusive launch on December 2nd on Binance Smart Chain. Stripto is powered by $STRIP token. The token enables users to exclusively unlock the “Guaranteed lowest price” of any NFT product listed on the platform.

Moorpark, California–(Vehement Media – November 16, 2021) – The current markets of NFTs are limited to buying, holding, and selling. Stripto uses “Strip the Price”, a dynamic pricing protocol that is an intellectual property of Stripto. This uniquely designed protocol is powered by $STRIP token that enables users to exclusively unlock the “guaranteed lowest price” of any NFT product listed on the Stripto marketplace.

Stripto NFT

On the Stripto marketplace, every product has two buying options: a regular listed price, and a “hidden price”. If a user decides to unlock the hidden price, they can spend a $STRIP token and unlock it for ten seconds. As soon as a user spends a token, the price of the product drops. The price drops because the stripping protocol deducts the value (current market price) of $STRIP token spent on that particular product. In those ten seconds, the product will be exclusively available for the user. This offers a fair chance to every user. The user can take a quick decision to buy the product at a shown price, or can wait for a further drop in price. Imagine hundreds of people using a $STRIP token each to unlock the hidden price. The price will keep dropping until someone decides to push the BUY button before the countdown of ten seconds comes to an end.

This will be the world’s first NFT marketplace that allows users to buy NFT products at the guaranteed lowest price, employing a dynamic pricing mechanism. This will entirely revolutionize the traditional way of buying and selling NFT products. Most of the tokens in the crypto space have no real utility. However, the $STRIP token is a community-driven token and has a real use-case. According to the founders, “Strip the Price” protocol can be exclusively accessed by $STRIP token, thereby creating the demand for the token in the market, and hence the price of $STRIP token will go up in the near future. Early adopters may get heavily rewarded, they added.


Moreover, the Stripto ecosystem is in the making. The integration of Stripto in the metaverse in the form of “Striptoverse” is in the pipeline. Stripto has plans to monetize the NFTs using farming and staking on the platform. Moreover, the company is also planning to bring their own Launchpad for small and budding artists where artists/projects can launch their collection paired with $STRIP token.

In order to offer complete transparency to their investors, the company has locked 40% of the total supply in escrow for the next six years. Additionally, all team members have locked their share for three years, which will be released in installments thereafter. The founders anticipate that this will secure the project for the long term while securing the early adopters and investors from rug-pulls.

About the team: The team consists of a group of skilled developers, marketers, and influencers from all corners of the globe. They have the knowledge, drive, and aptitude to scale this project to the moon and beyond.

$STRIP is set to change the narratives of the NFT industry by integrating its dynamic pricing protocol. Join now, and take advantage of being early adopters of $STRIP tokens.

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Website: http://www.stripto.io
Telegram: https://t.me/Stripto_io
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