Seoul, Korea–(Vehement Media – March 23, 2022) – MEXC Global has recently launched MCT-the project token of MetaRising. MetaRising is a project that promotes agricultural development by using blockchain technology and the metaverse that combines the virtual world with reality.

MCT now on MEXC

MetaRising is the world’s first blockchain project focused on contributing to agricultural development. It is also the only blockchain project to date to be certified by the United Nations as a global provider. This certification not only showcases the credibility of MetaRising but also is practical. Established in 2019, MetaRising is a valuable blockchain. 

MCT: Supported by Real-World Agricultural Revenue

MetaRising’s first product, MicroTuber, includes SEED BOX, an agricultural crowdfunding platform that combines traditional crowdfunding methods with blockchain technology. On SeedBox, users can stake MCT to obtain new agricultural tokens that are issued by MetaRising and have corresponding physical produces in reality. MCT stakers can receive their future revenue from a percentage of total food sales. Currently, the food seed market alone is estimated to be worth $80 billion.

MetaRising has conducted crowdfunding campaigns several times and the APY of each MCT single token staking stands at around 105%. Relying on food sales for revenue, the value capture of MCT tokens is more stable than governance revenue, transaction fees, etc. that constitute the prevailing income sources for participants.

MetaRising Metaverse Empowers MCT

MetaRising has been advancing its technology advances upgrading itself a metaverse ecology that includes the original product MicroTuber. This move has enhanced the value capture capability of MCT tokens.

In the new roadmap released by MetaRising, we can see that the project team will add more game elements, and upgrade to create a MetaRising metaverse platform. Through the Play to Earn model, MetaRising will create more application scenarios for MCT.

MetaRising is a metaverse platform with unique social features and interesting P2E game elements that focus on crop cultivation. In MetaRising, users can collaborate and communicate with players from all over the world to create their own in-game items and exchange them on demand. In the future, MetaRising will incorporate other types of content, such as lectures, performances, exhibitions, meetings, online shopping, UGC, etc., to diversify its ecological system. In this process, MCT plays a critical role. It was first used in MetaRising as an incentive to carry out the P2E model. In MetaVerse, users can earn MCT by different sorts of behaviors.

While the system keeps on producing MCT, MetaRising also strives to diversify its application scenarios to enhance users’ demand. The newly created scenarios include leasing land, cultivating crops, mining, advertising personal products, governance right in-game guilds, casting and producing game props, and purchasing in-game NFT, etc..

Player Game Loop

The MetaRising metaverse boasts an unprecedented abundance of materials, and to acquire any prop or socialize, users have to hold MCT. In MetaRising, not only the main planting prop is NFT, but also player avatars, skins, accessories, in-game land, pets, transportation, etc., are tradable NFTs. These NFTs also embody socialization functions. MCT is the currency that can be traded to obtain these NFTs, just like the fiat currency circulating in the real world.

MCT and MRG usage

Unlike most projects that use a model with no hard cap, MCT is a token with a fixed supply. In the highly scalable MetaRising metaverse that is composed of NFT minting, MCT’s application will be greatly enhanced with the joint empowerment of both real and virtual products.

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