Detroit, Michigan–(Vehement Media. – February 25, 2022) – Crypto Wildlife Collective, Tiger Queen token’s upcoming NFT platform, has big plans to change the world of wildlife, and it starts with “Bringing Bloodline to Blockchain.” As news of the project expansion spreads, more investors are interested in how they can do their part in both stopping the illegal trade of animals and of course, owning a piece of, not only history, but an endangered species.

Welcome to the Jungle, digital art by Paradox Designer, Reykjavik

Founder, Nick Daze is #wagmi personified, with his token’s unique tokenomics, community voting, and world changing NFT project, he aims to bring everyone up with him. But he really took WAGMI to another level when he explained his plan to build a proverbial “Arc” and bring Bloodline to Blockchain so endangered frens can make it too.

As seen at an NFT event in Miami, in an (open) sea of jeans and t-shirts, Nick stood out in his custom suit and welcoming smile; showcasing his ability to mix business and pleasure with swag and grace. Seamlessly switching from dancing to engaging, never fleeing from the present moment. His passion for life is contagious and echoed throughout Tiger Queen’s growing community.

While Tiger Queen is community focused, it sets itself apart from other community lead projects with an experienced team, full transparency, and shared core values among the members. A 2% tax collected from every transaction goes into the charity wallet where the community later nominates, vets, and decides as a whole where and how much to donate. Currently, TQ has donated $5000 to SOSO food bank, $5000 to Reflections of Trinity, No Family Left Hungry, $15,000 to Carole Baskin at Big Cat Rescue and $5000 to pay for one year of schooling with meals for up to 132 children in South Africa. Their passion for humans and animals alike is so pure and sincere.

Tiger Queen has been making noise in the crypto jungle with their Moonbag. They grew their community organically before listing on CMC, Coin Gecko, and the infamous Shibaswap. New Diamond Claws joined the streak to solidify their holdings in the Moonbag.

What is a Moonbag? 2% of every transaction is collected into the Moonbag. The community then votes on when to deploy it, what tokens to invest into, and when to take profits. The profits are then divided amongst “diamond claw” hodlers and paid out in ETH based on percentages of holdings.

A multinational digital collaboration with Paradox Designer and Mint Jager, Reykjavik and Ontario

Tiger Queen Token aims to educate, protect, and provide its community members with a safe space to learn and grow. With 3 different tiers and no purchase necessary to be active in the community, Tiger Queen is a token for everyone to learn and grow. They have an active presence on Telegram, Discord, Clubhouse, and Twitter so there’s always somewhere to go when collectors have a question. 

Crypto Wildlife Collection Logo by Paradox Designer, Reykjavik

Bringing Bloodline To Blockchain

Speaking of dropping Alpha

Tiger Queen’s very own crypto project, Crypto Wildlife Collective, will be dropping their Alpha NFTs in early Q2. The first mint will be 56 digitally scanned, 3d models of the big cats residing at Big Cat Rescue. Each 1/1 Alpha will come with downloadable content to track the animal’s health information, location, history, and camera feed. Additionally, the holder will receive .01 eth for every Beta NFT minted of their Big Cat. There will be 250 generative betas for each Alpha, making the first mint 14,056! That’s a lot of protective eyes on these fierce felines and funding for their conservation as a portion of each sale will support these endangered species.

“By bringing this accountability to blockchain, we are hoping to limit the illegal trade and bring their care and funding to a transparent level with ways to easily audit their systems.” Founder, Nick Daze

After Big Cat Rescue, they already have plans to roll out South African elephants, Thailand Tigers, and Thailand Elephants on the blockchain as well. If buyers want to be a part of these missions they can join Crypto Wildlife Collective Founder and Funders. Members will have access to mission trips in Africa and Thailand, access to all CWC parties and events worldwide, first access to all future mints including their metaverse lands which will be very limited. For 2.5 eth buyers get .25% of every dollar minted on the platform forever! The first mint alone will accrue 3.5 eth of passive income, with 3 more mints being planned for this year alone.

And to tie their ecosystem together, a percentage of all NFT sale profits will go directly into TQ’s community moonbag to be invested and distributed to Diamond Claws. Everyone loves the circle of life?

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