London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media. – December 9, 2021) – A new unique oral vitamin brand – Lymunix, after its successful start of distribution in Germany, has recently become available to customers in the United Kingdom. The official launch of this product line on the British market took place last October 29, 2021, in London. The company behind Lymunix, BL Pharma, has reportedly started exporting its products to the UK market thereafter.


BL Pharma has been noted as one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies of its kind in Germany with Lymunix as its flagship product. The company claims it to be a fruit of painstaking research and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

The product launch was organized as part of a health and pharmacy conference. It kicked off with top UK influencers leading a luxurious River Thames boat tour through London sights like Tower Bridge and London Bridge. The conference then went on with panel discussions facilitated by health experts who outlined how concepts on health are changing, evolving, and growing in the present day. They further pressed on how important it is to discover newer and more practical ways of achieving health that is accessible to everyone. Among the panelists were Osteopath Susannah Makram, fitness coaches Franklin Supuluchukwu and Adam White, and nutritionists Pippa Hill and Karen Preece Smith.

“Our gut health involves a really complex microsystem of microorganisms, and it’s completely fascinating. Very few unique nutrients can influence the gut microbiome. One of those is vitamin D, which is one of the highlights of Lymunix products. And the spray administration ensures you’re protected just in case your gut isn’t healthy,” remarked nutritionist Karen Smith.

This was followed by an array of encouraging speeches and remarks from various notable speakers. The highlight of the event, of course, is the formal introduction of Lymunix to the UK market.

Aside from its unique composition, Lymnuix was well accepted in Germany because of its unconventional administration. Unlike most supplements in the market that are typically in the form of oral tablets and IV drips, Lymunix is an oral spray, bypassing the lengthy digestive system and delivering essential vitamins, minerals, and lysozyme sublingually into the bloodstream. Lysozyme is a naturally occurring component of the body that acts against bacteria, boosts the immune system, and regulates the body’s inflammatory response.

The Lymunix product line consists of five variants, namely the Lymunix – B complex, Lymunix – Iron, Lymunix – Vitamin D – K2, Lymunix – Multivitamin, and Lymunix – Multivitamin Junior.

The launch event for the said product was conducted in collaboration with Five4 Media and Invent Production. Five4 Media is a UK-based marketing firm that specializes in media development, among other things, whereas Invent Production is an established event provider based in Germany. They concluded the said event with socialization over some refreshments.

Following the promotion of the new Lymunix product line in the United Kingdom, advancements will continue in other European countries, and the product is expected to be widely available in the European market in early 2022. The company’s launch in the Middle East is likewise in the works.

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