Austin, Texas–(Vehement Media- November 30, 2021) – XoloMetaverse is announcing a token that supports the whole project, $Xolo.

There have been stunning advancements in blockchain with non-fungible token (NFT) and Metaverse developments in 2021. In May 2021, Axie Infinity pioneered the concept of play-to-earn (P2E), spawning a new blockchain sector called GameFi, and turning the play-to-earn craze into a phenomenon, Open Sea, a p2p NFT marketplace has become a monster with over 60% market share of all trade in the sector.


The opportunities to innovate in such a new, yet profitable sector might seem abundant, yet few projects have the required potential to step up in such a competitive market. Xolo is the brainchild of a seasoned group of 3D artists, game developers and blockchain enthusiasts, led by people like Alejandro Aguirre, who has worked on multiple AAA massively known video games, like Darksiders 3 and other games to be soon announced and released on multiple platforms like Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox. The team claims that by bringing more A.R. and gaming development experience into a very young NFT p2p marketplace sector, it can create new segmentations and experiences to the already proven digital arts and metaverse markets.

“By bringing VR, game functionalities and narratives into the P2P NFT marketplace segment we can still create new dimensions of interaction and fidelity between artists, users, buyers, creators and the already established crypto community,” says Alex in a recent interview that will be published later this week in their medium channel. “Transparency is key in blockchain projects, if you build publicly, the community will grow, govern and help you with their feedback. At the end of the day, we want this metaverse to be the biggest ever created, and you need users to build with you,” ends Alejandro’s quote on communities, what he believes is one of the project strongest attributes.

Xolo has a token that will support their metaverse in development. The token was stealth launched on the Ethereum Main net on Sunday the 28th of November. After a few hours it had already achieved a cult following in the community. The team aims to develop an open world, virtual reality with game-like functionalities for the p2p marketplace segment, where open sea is already established, users will be able to mint an avatar and personalize it to walk this art world to socialize, create their own galleries, and buy, trade and earn NFTs.

The team is collaborating with a major 3D hardware company to allow its users to mint in the metaverse any object of their creation, be it for the avatar or metaverse personal gallery. Allowing regular users to create 3D digital pieces from physical assets and import them into a metaverse is quite innovative and daring. “Social interaction and human touch will always be the main driving force of any world, be it in the digital or the physical,” says Alejandro. “But one thing is for sure, we haven’t yet seen the full potential of the NFT and Metaverse markets, with projects like Xolo, it leaves you to wonder how far it will go.”

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