Vilnius, Lithuania–(Vehement Media. – March 17, 2022) – Zenith CEX by Zenith Chain, a digital peer-to-peer network intending to install a use case-specific blockchain announced a massive airdrop campaign for the users/community. Zenith team is expressing its gratitude to the community members as it prepares for the debut of the Zenith CEX. The details of the Zenith CEX launch airdrop campaign can be found here.

                            Zenith CEX

The future Zenith CEX will place a premium on security and ease of use for traders, ensuring that both new and experienced traders may benefit from the platform. Zenith CEX requires a two-factor authentication process. This method does not necessitate the use of private keys. As a result, even if a hacker gets access to a user’s digital assets, they won’t be able to send them. In terms of security, the Zenith CEX is very secure. The fox knot is one of the most secure knots available. Users can lock the app with their biometric fingerprints. Unless users provide permission, no one will be able to access their assets. The CEX already supports Spot, Margin, and Futures trading. The staking pools and IEO sections are also included. BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, TRX, ATOM, BCH, ETC, BNB, and other coins are included in the test version.

The user interface is clear and easy, with terminology that even a crypto novice might understand. Zenith CEX is a secure and easy-to-use centralised exchange. Apart from the traditional spot and p2p trading, the newly launched CEX would also offer margin trading. Margin trading is available on Zenith CEX for users who want to improve their trading profits. Users will need to deposit a percentage of the total order value to get started. They can choose to sell Long or Short after they’ve opened the trade.

Zenith CEX: A Trading Platform for Years to Come

Zenithcex is a cutting-edge new-age crypto exchange that offers secure trading. The Zenithcex exchange is a regulated exchange platform that handles critical issues such as security, liquidity, and fiat to crypto and vice versa transactions, among others. With the trading software, trade preferred Altcoin, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. The Zenith CEX launched at 6 p.m. GMT on March 10th, 2022.

The Zenith network (ZEN-20) will be integrated into the CEX as soon as the project is launched. This week, the Zenith mainnet will be available on the Zenith CEX. The reason for this is that integration can take anything from two weeks to a month. The CEX will continue to be improved by the development team, therefore this is not the final version. After CEX is released, the team plans to release a new version (CEX with an industry-first user interface) within a month.

A staking pool will be established when the Zenith CEX becomes live. 200,000 $ZENITH is the pool’s maximum allotment. This pool will allow each user to bet $ZENITH 20,000. For this pool, the minimum stake is $ZENITH 2,000. For a three-month period, stakes will be locked. Shortly after CEX is released, Zenith Chain will increase the number of validators.

A token deployer is part of Zenith’s development ambitions. In less than a minute, anyone will be able to generate their own standard ZEN-20 tokens. Following the creation of the token, the owner can go to Zenith Scan’s token website and upload the token code, verify the smart contract, and more. Zenith plans to launch a community token creation campaign soon. After the initial release, Zenith will continue to add capabilities to the deployer.

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